Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Real Deal Deborah Dolen and Her Many Fake Hats What You See May Not Be What You Get!

Hello! I want to discuss the many hats and make-believe rich and fame of Deborah Dolen. She’s not only worn many hats in her life, she’s worn uniforms too. One was a prisoner’s uniform at Lowell Women’s prison. She was taking up space there for racketeering. Years after getting released she conned her way into employment at a law firm and wore the hat of a legal assistant. There she stole and pirated their software before they sent her packing. She formed law clubs and a company called Para-link Intl. She named herself President and Director. It was a huge multilevel marketing scheme and she sold software kits using the pirated material to unsuspecting people looking for a work-from-home opportunity. She guaranteed a good income but Ms Dolen and her mum were the only ones raking in the money from selling those useless kits. The Federal Trade Commission shut down this scheme but it left many people out of their money and investments and time. They gave her a lifetime ban on ever selling or promoting any kind of work at home opportunity again.

Deb Dolen just moved on and changed her hat and her name to Mabel White and Mabel White dot com. She gave herself a whole new persona for promoting new work at home opportunities by becoming a DIYer, a candle-maker, a Mabel’s Miracles distributor, a so-called Best Selling Acclaimed Amazon Author, a teacher of holistic ways, a natural potion inventor, a soy wax discoverer, a syndicated journalist, a floral designer, a gift basket inventor, a TV host, filmmaker, a perfume chemist, a Dandelion tea-potion to cure cancer maker, a DIY guru, a Wall Street Journal writer, a superstar, an environmentalist, and a defender of the earth. All-just because she said so. She sings her own praise and says she’s famous.

Let’s take a look and see if what she claims is true. The heck with the rubbish about her so call roles of achievement. That’s all a cock-and-bull story. I’m going to use what she publicizes as true about her personal likeness as an example of her devious lies. Because she’s famous, says her-that means this site and the photos found in public and used here are fair use and can be here without her consent. Famous people and celebrities have to go by different rules than everyday folks in copyright law. I double-checked on that one cause last thing I want is to get a bunch of stinking pirated lawyergrams from her, ya know. No fame and no fair use. Fame… FAIR-as long there is criticism or parody. Well Okay! ..

Let’s take a look at this relic snapshot that Deborah titles and wants us to think is “Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal” first. Seems like a convincing pose with the way she’s holding all those books, but when actual personnel at the Wall Street Journal were asked, they said they’d never heard of this fake journalist. It’s a con. Its all pretend to make someone think they’re dealing with a celebrity, because what she’s selling is not what you get.

If you’d like to pretend you’re a celebrity or a reporter for the Wall Street Journal too, you can purchase a portrait of your very own for the low price of $5.00 right here:

Deb Dolen uses the oldie picture above on the left in many places online as her bio photo. That’s what she’s selling. What you get is the picture on the right. The real Deborah Dolen in real life and real time. Can you see the difference? The person on the right is the one who’s dishing out Health and Beauty recipes, formulas, advice, and potions (but maybe not as fast as she’s shoveling in the chow). The persona is a lie. What she’s selling is not what you get. I mean, would you take advice health and beauty advice to look like that? Don’t get me wrong. I’m all into getting’ porky and letting yourself go if you want to. This happens. I’m just saying “Be proud and embrace it!” and don’t try to make-believe it ain’t so!

The photo on the left shows Deborah Dolen smelling the pretty flowers. Not a care in the world. Not even a thought to those she’s left in her wake of money-grubbing scams. This lovely photo can be found on many of her blogs where she is pretending its real and current. The real life photo on the right is courtesy of Flickr and is of Mrs. Deborah Dolen smelling a cupcake. Wait a minute! On second look, I think she’s chowing down on that cupcake and I see a button dangerously ready to POP! That could put out someone’s eye out there, cupcake!

On the left, center stage while passing through several of her so-called syndicated personal blogs and Facebook is a photo of Deborah Dolen in her chemist lab coat. Does she believe she’s a chemist now or is that a straightjacket? The photo on the right found on her own Mabel White Fakebook wall is the for REAL deal, and all I can say is “WTF has she brewing up in that lab?” Guess its safe to say there wasn’t any testing done on her FDA UNapproved “High Quality Soy Based Products for Skin Care and Home” products, cosmetics, or bathroom chemistry formulas! (I think somebody spends a lot of time plucking whiskers from her chin and wishing she’d had a few little animals to test those concoctions on and not just husbands.)  Remember: Like Deb says, “What goes on the skin goes IN the skin,” but what she’s selling is not what you get.

Deborah’s photo on the left is what she says she looks like. She’s using it on her Deborah Dolen Facebook profile image of herself as Mabel White, her other identity. There’s no better backing for her Soytanicals, Mabel’s Miracles, Petal Science or Candyflavors than being her own walking billboard. Deborah says she’s a teacher of green natural living and an instructor of making natural skincare, health, diet, beauty and body products, a perfume architect, and DIY guru. Careful. What she’s selling is not what you get! What you get is the real deal recent snapshot is on the right. Is this what happens after using her lip scrub and other concoctions? What are they made out of? Crisco and dirt?

Per 17 USC § 107
§ 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use38
his blog is not being used for commercial sale and is for the purpose of celebrity criticism only. Specifically, this criticism is mockery for the use of misleading, outdated, unrealistic and manipulated biography photos by Deborah Dolen, and her imaginary accomplishments and claims of fame. This is not being done out of malice, so don’t try to suppress my rights by threatening to sue me. I don’t have anything to get, anyway. But, if you are one of Deb’s thousands of fake or bot-created fan base or followers, I want to hear from you!

Interested in buying your own fake Facebook fans and Twitter followers? This is where Deborah gets hers: For $5 you can get thousands!

I love the fair use statute 17 USC § 107.